Honda was founded in Japan in 1948, beginning by manufacturing motorbikes and later, in the mid 60s, progressing to private cars, off-road buggies, marine engines, industrial engines, generators, aircraft engines, advanced robots and unique gardening tools.

Honda developed quickly and is now the largest engine and motorbike producer in the world with the capability of producing more than 25 million new engines every year.

Honda has 124 factories in 30 countries.

Honda is famous for being a trailblazer in advanced technology and uncompromising quality and integrity.

This manifests itself in the company's influential participation in the various motor sports.

As well as in the constantly high grades it receives in customer satisfaction surveys.


The Founder's Vision

The founder and first president was Soichiro Honda. He published the company's philosophy which contained two basic commitments:

"Maintaining an international perspective" and "Supplying highly beneficial products at reasonable prices to the high satisfaction of customers worldwide".


Technology and Achievements

Honda is a company literally driven by advanced technology and engineering and that is one of the reasons it established a separate R&D company.

Honda was the first company to introduce Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control VTEC , in 1989 .

Honda Japan has recently set up a special experimental facility for crushing cars under real conditions.

Honda has a 6-cylinder motorbike with the largest engine capacity (1,800 cc) in serial production.

Honda has developed a unique technology implanted in Asimo, the P3   humanoid robot , which is the most advanced robot of its kind anywhere in the world .

Honda holds the record for engine capacity:

120 hp per liter in an atmospheric engine. Honda was the first to sell hybrid cars in America, in 1999, with the 1st Generation Insight.

Since then, it has sold more than 750,000 hybrid cars worldwide.

Company Milestones

1949 – Launching the first motorbike

1955 – Honda becomes the largest motorbike manufacturer in Japan

1959 – Honda America is founded

1963 – Launching the first Honda car

1972 – Production begins on the Honda Civic

1974 – Production begins on the huge Honda Gold Wing motorbike

1976 – Production begins on the Honda Accord

1986 – Honda wins the Formula 1 World Championship in the first of six successive seasons

1992 – Honda Accord is now manufactured in England too

1998 – Honda becomes the second largest car manufacturer in Japan

2001 – Honda celebrates 500 victories in motorbike world championships

2004 – Honda's international sales – 10.7 million motorbikes and 3.16 million cars

2010 – Honda's international sales – 18 million motorbikes and 3.46 million cars
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