Mayer Trade-in

Mayer Trade-In is the Mayer Group's second-hand car division, whose main activity is buying and selling the group's premium brands:
Volvo, and Honda's top models .
This division was established to provide a wide and professional sales and service umbrella for our premium car clients and to guarantee them long term commitment and responsibility.


This commitment includes

Optimal buying and selling conditions under the importer's guarantee.
Group brand – at the top end of the luxury scale - value upgrade and preservation .
A selection of brands to match every client's budget

Mayer Trade-In promises a full importer's vehicle guarantee
The importer's guarantee is the best and most comprehensive warranty you can get for your car, a genuine guarantee from the moment you walk into the showroom, throughout your ownership until you decide to buy a new model.
Mayer Trade-In offers you an elegant showroom with skilled professionals able to escort you through every stage of the buying process.
Every vehicle on sale has to undergo a comprehensive technical and mechanical examination as well as stringent testing from the Mayer Group's own specialists, to ensure all systems are in perfect working order.
Mayer Trade-In believes the client deserves fair treatment which maximizes service and cuts down bureaucracy.
At Mayer Trade-In we are committed to going beyond the call of duty and to simply giving every customer the most attractive trade-in deal possible.
You will enjoy a vehicle under importer's guarantee and perpetual peace of mind.
That's our guarantee . The importer's guarantee.



Mayer Trade-In Offices
25 Haim Shapira St, Rishon Lezion
Phone: 03-5626800
Fax: 03-5626900
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