Kesher Rent-a-Car, the Israeli Hertz franchise owner, was founded in 1984. Hertz  is the largest car rental corporation in the world, now over 90 years old .
Hertz  operates in 145 countries through 7,700 branches with a fleet of 3 million vehicles. The company manages about 30 million rentals worldwide every year.
Hertz Israel  is the owner of Auto Center – a sales and trade-in company and holds a 50% share in Operate Lease and Sa Gal Car Rental .
Hertz's main activity is in operational leasing to commercial clients, private leasing, car rentals in Israel and taking reservations for overseas car rental.
Hertz  Israel has 22 service points and a nationwide workshop network.  
The Hertz and Operate Lease  fleet numbers approximately 32,000 vehicles.  




Operational Leasing for Commercial Clients
Phone: 1-700-507-444

Private Leasing
Phone: 08-9775569

Car Rental Reservation Center
Phone: 1-700-507-555

Service Center
Phone: *3113

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