Auto Center

The Auto Center network,  a Hertz and Mayer Group subsidiary,  is the largest and leading used car sales company in Israel .
Auto Center offers a huge range of quality vehicles – private ownership, leasing and rental.
You can search and find your ideal car on the company website or in any one of our branches.
Auto Center has nine branches across the country.

Auto Center – Car Sales Experts

The company has been operating in Israel since 2000 with the highest customer service standards and the aim of providing the ultimate buying experience.
Auto Center offers a quick and effective process specifically attuned to your particular needs.
The values driving Auto Center are integrity and complete transparency, guaranteed for every client.
We check all our vehicles thoroughly before sale.
The car is always handed to the client in complete working condition and with an "as good as new" appearance.
Upon purchase, the client receives the car's complete maintenance report.
At Auto Center you can buy a vehicle with convenient funding conditions, trade in your old vehicle for a new one and transfer ownership on the spot.


Service and Sales Center

Phone : 2332*

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