Kogol Unitrade Ltd.

Kogol Unitrade Ltd is the official importer of Michelin tires in Israel and markets the multinational's three superbrands:
Michelin – the best tire in the world.
BF Goodrich–- the best off-road tire in the world .
Kleber the outstanding road tire for high comfort and long term durability .

The company imports all existing tire types, from bicycle and motorbike tires to
4 X4 and passenger vehicles, light transporters, buses, trucks and 4m radius dirt work tires .
Kogol Unitrade Ltd leads the Israeli tire market in turnover, activity volume, product quality and range and also in professional service and innovative marketing and technology.
The company is located in Caesarea's northern industrial area, at one of the most advanced logistics centers in the industry.

Kogol Unitrade was set up in 2007 by two companies:
Ko-Gol Ltd., founded in 1971 and widely regarded as one of the key players in the Israeli tire industry.
•  Mayer's Cars and Trucks Ltd, founded in 1967 and now the largest vehicle group in Israel.
The company sells many other tire brands which expand solutions for all market needs without compromising on the highest levels of quality and service.
In addition to tires, the company also imports alternative spare parts, particularly rubber products, braking systems and emission systems.


Kogol Offices
Address: 3 HaShaham St, Northern Industrial Area, Caesarea
Phone: 04-6238624
Email: kogol@kogol.co.il

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