The Mayer Group's history stretches back to the beginning of the last century, a story rich with daring, initiative and an uncomprising drive for progress.
Mayer Kass was born in Poland in 1909 to a Jewish family who owned a transportation company called The Kass Brothers (Braciakass). 
In 1933, only 24 years old, Mayer decided to emigrate to Israel. Thanks to the family business, he arrived with a truck license, which was a very valuable commodity in those days, and was immediately hired as a truck driver by the Horesh cooperative. There, Mayer became familiar with the Volvo truck's great strength and reliability . This truck,   a 1931 LV66, one of the first Volvo truck models, arrived in the Middle East as part of the company's attempts to export outside of Scandinavia.
Through his work at Horesh, Mayer became a great believer in the quality of the Swedish company's products.
Years later, in the 60s, Mayer was offered a unique opportunity – to become the exclusive importer of Volvo products in Israel . After the previous incumbent had failed to sell even 100 Volvo 121 cars, Mayer Kass did it in only three months.

This impressed Volvo's management and he asked for the exclusive franchise to first import cars and later trucks, buses, mechanical engineering equipment and Volvo Penta engines. In 1967, he received the franchise and established Mayer's Cars and Trucks Ltd. For Mayer, setting up the company and winning the franchise was the closure of his own personal circle – from being a satisfied truck driver to becoming a successful importer – "Once Volvo, Always Volvo". Mayer made sure to transfer the company ownership to his family and when he passed away in 1976, Israel Kass and Ya'akov Shachar took over the reins. The 90s saw the company expand quite significantly and begin importing other brands and products: Honda cars, motorbikes, marine engines and generators, Renault trucks and the luxury Jaguar brand.
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