Client Centered

Throughout Mayer's history, the central motif has always been "a well-developed approach to people," employees and customers. This approach manifests itself through a well-oiled service culture which firmly places the "focus on the customer". This means developing solutions for individual needs, whether it's a large transportation company or a private individual buying a motorbike, tractor or luxury car. The bottom line is that there is always a human being with needs and the company must provide quality solutions, on time, while displaying integrity and treating all people with respect. This approach has deep roots in the weltanschaung of the company's founders, their attitude to people in general and to employees, customers and suppliers in particular. The company has developed, invested in and improved its supporting infrastructure in line with the "customer focus" philosophy:

  • A network of branches and workshops with modern, pleasant and accessible facilities all over the country.
  • Advanced data systems for immediate information, transparency, speedy response and ongoing service.
  • Service call center for uniform and professional treatment of all service calls.
  • Advanced spare parts service with quick and available logistics transport to anywhere in Israel.
  • Technical support for real time advice and troubleshooting .
  • Comprehensive training system for employees, aimed at developing and maintaining high levels of professionalism and service orientation.
  • Training solutions for customers to get the most out of their vehicles and to preserve product safety and quality.
  • Range of complementary services One stop shop , Funding, insurance, leasing, tires, accessories, trade-in and rental .
  • 24/7 rescue and roadside repairs service.

The company continues to search for ways to improve and upgrade solutions for its customers, thus retaining their long-term trust for mutual benefit.

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