Volvo Cars

Volvo is one of the oldest, most well known and popular car brands in the world. Founded in Sweden in 1927, the company has set the standards for safety, quality and environmental care.

Today the company boasts a range of advanced luxury models, with extraordinary Scandinavian design and unique technological solutions which have blazed the trail in the motor industry, particularly in the realms of safety and environmental care.  

Many Volvo models have been sold in Israel since the 30s. In 1967, the late Mayer Kass founded Mayer's Cars and Trucks Ltd. and began importing Volvos to Israel. Volvo cars own a special place in the Israeli market and it is one of the most common luxury brands in the country. Since 1967, Mayer has sold approximately 50,000 cars in Israel and Volvo has been the official government car for many years.



Main Dealer
17 Yitzhak Sadeh Tel Aviv
Phone: 03-6255600
Fax: 03-6255615

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