Volvo Trucks

Volvo Trucks,  One of the largest heavy truck brands in the world, offering full transportation solutions to clients in more than 140 countries.
The company's core values are quality and focusing on the customer.
Volvo's production structure is based on its global presence and the company has production plants in 16 countries.

The lion's share of the production is in Sweden, Belgium, Brazil and the USA.

Volvo Trucks ' growing sales and service activities  are heavily client-orientated and supported by a global network of more than 2,300 service centers.
Volvo Trucks' product line ranges from inner city delivery trucks to mediuim size trucks and huge heavy trucks for inter-continental transport. 
The company's products also include a wide variety of transportation solutions, ensuring long-term truck maintenance, driver productivity, safety and gas savings.
Other services include funding, leasing, insurance,  IT solutions and logistics .
The company's core values are safety, quality and environmental care.



Volvo Trucks Sales Center 1-800-20-2000

Volvo Trucks Customer Service 03-9638070

24/7 Mayer Service 1-800-355-123

Call Center email moked@mct.co.il

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