Volvo Buses

Volvo is the second largest bus manufacturer in the western world.
The company offers a wide range of buses supplying modern public transport needs and addressing the myriad and stringent demands of its clients.
The range of models includes complete buses, chassis and a wealth of supporting services.
Volvo Buses has a worldwide presence with production facilities in Europe, Asia, North and South America.
Within less than five years, Volvo has refreshed its complete product range , including city buses, intercity buses and luxury tourist buses.
Most of the new models are based on the TX chassis   which is the base of the intercity and tourist models.
The development of the advanced TX  platform was the largest industrial project in Volvo Buses's history .
As part of the Volvo International Group, we are able to stay at the forefront of technology while maintaining competitive prices.


Volvo Buses in Israel

Since Mayer began importing buses in 1973 it has sold approximately 7,000.
Mayer supplies a variety of bus models, from those locally assembled by  Merkavim Technologies Ltd.,   a Mayer subsidiary, or those imported from overseas.
In 2010, the company began to import Volvo's low entry city buses and 7 and 9-liter engine intercity models.
Passenger transport companies in Israel benefit from a nationwide network of specialist professional service points, an efficient spare parts system and advanced roadside and rescue services. 



Volvo Buses Offices
50 HaMasger St. Tel Aviv
Phone: 03-5689880
Fax: 03-6240228
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