Volvo Construction Equipment

Volvo Construction Equipment ,VCE , offers a wide range of fuel-saving, safe and environmentally and operator friendly mechanical engineering equipment complete with efficient service to customers all over the world.

The range of vehicles includes more than 150 different models – backhoes, bicycle loaders, paving equipment and articulated dirt movers.

Volvo Construction Equipment in Israel

Mayer began importing Volvo's BM construction equipment in 1971.

The quality of the vehicles combined with Mayer's high level service now means that VCE models own a significant share of the Israeli market.

The product line includes :

•  10-50 ton wheel loaders
•  4-9.5 ton compact wheel loaders
•  20-70 ton crawler excavators
•  14-23 ton bicycle diggers
•  25-60 ton articulated haulers
•  25-40  ton articulated dirt removers
•  Asphalt paver
•  Asphalt and soil compactors

•    1.5-9.0 ton mini excavators



6 Haim Shapira St.

Western Industrial Area, Rishon Lezion

Phone : 03-9638138

Fax :03-9638116
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