In September 1948, Soichiro Honda established Honda Motor, with the understanding that Japan needed a cheap and basic form of transport in the difficult days after WWII.
At first Honda manufactured motorized bicycles before focusing solely on motorbikes until 1960.
Then it began producing small cars mainly for the Japanese market.
During the 60s , the company invested in developing and improving its bikes, eventually becoming comparable to and even better than the leading European brands.
This process ran parallel to Honda's massive involvement in motorbike racing and they attained superiority in many categories, particularly in Grand Prix competitions.
In 1969, Honda launched the motorbike that would shoot it to the top of the manufacturers list.
That was the CB750 , a road bike with a  four-cylinder horizontal engine significantly more powerful than anything its competitors had at the time.
That transformed Honda into the largest motorbike manufacturer in the world and it has been leading the pack ever since.
At the end of the 70s, Honda launched the Gold Wing, a large bike very suitable for the US market.
The Gold Wing has since been manufactured and sold mainly in the US, gradually becoming fatter and fatter with a current capacity of 1,800 cc.
In 1992, Honda took the lead in the Super Sport market with the  CBR900RR,   an extraordinarily powerful but unusually light bike. 
Once Honda had set the bar, all the other motorbike manufacturers began to follow the trend.


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