Motors and Generators

Honda engines (1-25hp) are used in a range of equipment all over the world, including generators, pumps, gardening equipment and more.

With its engines as a base, Honda produces equipment of the finest endurance and quality:

Generators, pumps, lawnmowers, hedge clippers, bellows and more.

Aseparate department manufacturers external marine engines with capacities ranging from 2-250hp.

All the products in this field are market leaders in innovation and offer many obvious benefits to end users.

Mayer has long been importing and supplying much of this Honda product range in Israel to the full satisfaction of both private and institutional clients. 



6 Haim Shapira St, Western Industrial Area, Rishon Lezion

Generator and Engine Sales:
Phone: 03-9638138
Fax: 03-9638116

Marine Engine Sales:
Phone: 03-9638054
Fax: 03-9623085

Marine Engines, Generators and Engines Service:
Phone: 03-9638050
Fax: 03-9623085

Spare Parts:
Phone: 03-9638050
Fax: 03-9623085

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